Patient Partnership in Virtual Care

Patient Partners Working Group Webinar – November 2020

At the start of November, OSSU’s Patient Partners Working Group held their fall webinar on ‘patient partnership in virtual care’. This webinar, moderated by Julie Drury, Strategic Lead – Patient Partnerships at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, delved into the major issue of how virtual care is partnering with patients, families and caregivers to provide high quality, appropriate and safe care during these unprecedented times.

With input from a panel of patients and a researcher/clinician, the webinar covered many issues including:

  • How has virtual care been able to integrate patient partners in its development and implementation?
  • What experiences are patients and healthcare providers having with virtual care in Ontario?

Many thanks to all who joined on the webinar, and especially to our webinar panellists, Lucie Langford, Emily Mcintosh and Ambreen Sayani, as well as our moderator, July Drury. The video of the webinar is available to watch through OSSU’s YouTube page.