Research Day 2023

OSSU Research Day 2023

Thank you to all participants who joined us in-person and virtually to hear from leaders in health, health system research and patient partners who shared the latest evidence and expertise to help guide Ontario’s health care system into the future.

For those of you who were not able to attend, videos of each session are now available below and a report can be found here.

Program with Video Links

September 28, 2023
Opening Remarks and Session 1 – Healthy Debate: Engaging community to reduce disparity: the power of data linkage when used responsibly

Listen to opening remarks delivered by the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Catherine Zahn.

The Healthy Debate session covered broad themes which identified both the power of and potential pitfalls with data linkages within and across sectors and discussed how to ‘work with the data the right way’ through responsible use of data and community engagement.
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Session 2 – An update on the Learning Health System in Ontario

The presentation provided an update as to the development of a LHS framework for use across OSSU Partners. The session described the engagement of patient, health system leaders and research in the framework and its application.
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Session 3 – The value of patient engagement in child health research and the impact of patient-oriented research on practice and policy in the context of provincial child health priorities

Topics included activities at the Ontario Child Health Support Unit (OCHSU), POR research and priority-setting practice and policy in pediatric concussions, provincial capacity building in patient, family and community engagement in child health research and POR in the Paediatric Inpatient Research Network (PIRN).
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Session 4 – Winning strategies for patient-oriented child health research: The CHILD-BRIGHT Experience

The presentation focused on the unique attributes of conducting patient-oriented research with youth and parent partners. Presenters highlighted winning strategies in engaging patient-partners to include: structures, processes, outcome measurement, and raising awareness. Presenters covered adaptations to support youth involvement and highlighted the ongoing experiences of a parent within the network.
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Session 5 – A whirlwind tour of implementation science and practice

The session provided the theory and principles behind implementation science followed by two case studies.
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Session 6 – Patients as a Virtue and Closing Remarks

The session discussed the importance of patient engagement in research followed by a patient experience panel. The session concluded with short presentations which outlined two common challenges faced in POR and ways to address them.
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