Engage and Connect

  • Connect patients and caregivers, researchers, health care providers, policy- makers, and industry representatives to investigate and address issues and opportunities to improve health outcomes, health care and health policies.
  • Engage and involve patients to inform research and mobilize new treatment approaches to improve clinical practices, patient outcomes and bridge the gaps between different parts of Ontario’s health system.
  • Foster partnerships and collaboration amongst stakeholders to stimulate new thinking and effective solutions to some of the system’s most pressing challenges.

Enhance Research

  • Accelerate research, knowledge translation and large-scale intervention studies to identify and inform population health, new treatments, and to promote healthy behaviours.
  • Enable research by supporting the development, access and use of new, linked health data platforms and related services.
  • Build research leadership and methodological capacity through training programs and other learning mechanisms and channels.

Accelerate Translation

  • Translate evidence into new policies, health promotion, disease prevention and clinical programs to improve the health of Ontarians and health care for the future.
  • Enhance the uptake of new evidence-based knowledge and practices across the province to improve patient care, health and the patient experience.
  • Enable the exchange and dissemination of new knowledge and best practices, as well as the evaluation of these initiatives.