Equity Framework and Curriculum

Fairness is Excellence:

The Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit’s Equity Framework

This framework explains principles and practices for promoting equity in patient-oriented research, and the equity-related requirements for researchers working with the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU). This document also describes resources and services that the OSSU can provide researchers. The framework is part of the OSSU’s broader efforts to promote equity in patient-oriented research.

The Equity Framework, training, and associated content is available for use and distribution with acknowledgement and appreciation to Dr. Nav Persaud and his team for its creation. This material is available under two types of Creative Commons licenses:

On behalf of the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit we hope that you will find the framework and associated content useful.

Online training curriculum

The Fairness is Excellence online training curriculum focuses on practices for promoting equity in patient-oriented research.

This training module is intended for scientists, research staff, patient partners, members of the public, and trainees involved in health-related research.

By the end of the curriculum, you should have applied an equity lens to your own research and you should be ready to apply an equity lens to your future work and to the work of others.

To access the online training portal click here. New users must first click on Register at the bottom “New user? Register” to access the curriculum.

Please note that Certificates of Completion are available for those who wish to receive one.