Board and Committees


OSSU, a not-for-profit organization, is accountable to a Board of Directors. The following committee provides expert advice and guidance:

  • Operational Management Team — is responsible for the successful start-up, completion, implementation and evaluation of all OSSU initiatives. It includes representatives from the Ministry of Health and the 14 Research Centres.

Patients are involved in all aspects of OSSU’s work, with active patient representatives on the Board and the Operational Management Team.

Board of Directors

Dr. Laura Kokocinski
Chair, Board of Directors,
Former CEO North West LHIN
Dr. Bernard Leduc President and CEO, Hôpital Montfort
Dr. Bernard Leduc
President and CEO,
Hôpital Montfort
Mr. Marcel Castonguay
Executive Director,
Hamilton/Niagara Community Health Centre
Mr. Ron Beleno
Patient Partner
Ms. Anna Greenberg
Vice Chair, Board of Directors,
Chief, Strategy and Planning, Ontario Health
Elizabeth Carlton Ontario Hospital Association
Ms. Elizabeth Carlton
Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs
Ontario Hospital Association
Ms. Maureen Smith
Patient Partner


Operational Management Team

Dr. Dean Fergusson, Scientific Co-Lead
Dr. Dean Fergusson
Scientific Lead

Working Groups

Four working groups provide expertise in the SUPPORT Unit core-function areas.

  • Learning Health System
  • Data Platforms and Services
  • Capacity Building
  • Patient Partnership