Research Tools & Resources

To help researchers prepare and conduct patient-oriented research, OSSU’s network offers the following tools and resources:

Data Platforms and Services

OSSU investments have improved access to data sets for researchers located anywhere in Ontario, as well as other provinces, to allow innovation in patient care and to improve the health system. These data platforms and services offer expertise and linked data sets in areas including child health, brain health, administrative data, education, population-specific data, research and social services.

OSSU Research Centres offering these services:

Methods Support and Development

OSSU’s network of research centres offer a range of specialized consultation services and supports to help Ontario researchers design and develop complex research methodologies for different types of research, including drug research, specific health populations and clinical settings. These methods experts also provide training, mentoring and other activities to help Ontario researchers design, conduct and publish high-quality patient-oriented research.

OSSU Research Centres offering methods services:

Clinical Trials and Population Health

Ontario is home to many internationally respected health researchers and one of the largest and most comprehensive health research programs in the country. OSSU research centres offer specialized support to improve the ability of researchers to conduct large population health studies and attract clinical trials to Ontario. This includes advice, training and mentorship on developing and conducting high-impact clinical trials and large prospective cohort studies, expertise in research ethics review and more.

OSSU Research Centres offering clinical trials and population health services:

Capacity Building and Career Development

To improve Ontario’s health system, we need to develop capacity for the conduct and use of patient-oriented research. OSSU and its research centres offer a range of resources, training, mentoring and career development to patients, clinicians, policy-makers and managers, and researchers starting out or already engaged in research, to prepare them to compete on the international health research stage with the goal of improving the health of Ontarians.

We train participants in research methods and key competencies, knowledge translation, leadership in research, leadership in health systems patient partnerships and more.

OSSU Research Centres offering capacity building and career development:

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Consultation and Research Services

OSSU’s network offers a range of consultation and research services to address the needs and questions of stakeholders in Ontario’s health system including:

  • rapid response to specific research or policy questions
  • the preparation of evidence syntheses
  • cost estimates and economic projections, and
  • health system performance measures.

All OSSU research centres provide consultation services for those interested in patient-oriented research. For more details on which centre may best suit your consultation needs, please contact the OSSU Coordinating Centre or contact them directly.

Knowledge Translation, Exchange & Implementation

Crucial to improving patient care and outcomes, as well as health system performance and sustainability, is the translation and transfer of new knowledge to people who can make the most use of it – policy-makers, health system planners and front-line practitioners.

OSSU Research Centres offering knowledge translation and implementation services:

Patient Engagement

How do you incorporate patient engagement in a research project? Patient engagement occurs when patients meaningfully and actively collaborate in the governance, priority-setting, and conduct of research, as well as in summarizing, sharing, and applying research results. Researchers at the following OSSU research centres can advise on a range of approaches to involve patients: