Researcher Training

Researchers and others interested in conducting patient-oriented research can choose from an array of workshops and training opportunities offered by the OSSU Coordinating Centre and its research centres.

OSSU Capacity Building Compendium

The Capacity Building Compendium is a comprehensive catalogue of training courses on patient-oriented research offered in Ontario. This second edition contains 40 entries, including free online resources and tools, seminars and symposia series, and training programs.

Masterclass: The Use and Conduct of Patient-Oriented Research

ADVANCED LEVEL: Significant experience with patient-oriented research

This intensive 3-day course immerses researchers, patients, caregivers, policy-makers and healthcare providers in the fundamentals of how to conduct and champion patient-oriented research (POR) with tools, resources and more. It is taught by leaders in the field, with stimulating presentations from healthcare and government speakers.

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CIHR Foundational Curriculum in Patient-Oriented Research

BEGINNER LEVEL: New to patient-oriented research

An in-person training program developed by the SPOR National Working Group on Patient Engagement, this resource is designed to equip interested learners, including patients, researchers, health care professionals and other stakeholders, with the basic skills and knowledge to engage meaningfully in patient-oriented research. The Curriculum follows a co-learning model where all stakeholders can learn together and will be in a modular format. The course is always delivered by a patient partner and a research partner. In Ontario, this course has been delivered through OSSU and through numerous SPOR Networks with a presence in the province. Dates for future delivery of the Foundational Curriculum in Patient-Oriented Research are to be determined.

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Partners in Research: Online training

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Some experience in patient-oriented research

One of seven online training programs being developed with OSSU support, the Partners in Research (PiR) program is an online training environment provided by St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. This course consists of 4 live web-based sessions and is designed for patients, families/caregivers and healthcare researchers. The PiR course will focus on how patients, families, and healthcare researchers can work together to improve health research and healthcare. It is delivered by a combination of researchers and patients.

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