Indigenous children and end-of-life care benefit from an OSSU-AMS collaboration

Indigenous children enjoying the benefits of nature and exercise in Dr. Nancy Young’s wellness-promotion project.

Wellness promotion for Indigenous children and improving end-of-life conversations are two areas that are benefiting from a collaboration between OSSU and Associated Medical Services (AMS). The two organizations teamed up to move the best and most ready patient-partnered research into scaled and spread interventions for the benefit of a compassionate and forward-thinking health system in Ontario.

Through a rigorous process of project applications and review, OSSU and AMS can confirm that there will be two projects initially funded in this 2019-2020 funding stream for implementing high quality and high impact patient-partnered research in Ontario.

The two projects in the 2019-2020 funding stream are:      

·         Dr. Peter Tanuseputro, Bruyère Research Institute and The Ottawa Hospital Systematically applying a e-prognostication tool (RESPECT) to improve end-of-life conversations and decision making in the community

·         Dr. Nancy Young, Centre for Rural and Northern Research at Laurentian University, Sudbury Automating the Scale-Up and Spread of a Wellness Promotion Initiative for Indigenous Children

OSSU and AMS are looking forward to working with these two project teams to help ensure that the findings from this excellent patient-partnered research can spread across the health system and communities in Ontario.