Patient Partners Working Group Fall Webinar – Equity and Diversity in Patient Partnered Research

OSSU’s Patient Partners Working Group is hosting it’s third webinar, with the Fall 2019 edition covering “Equity and Diversity in patient partnered research”. This webinar is open to anyone interested in patient partnered research whether you’re a patient, caregiver, family member, health professional, researcher, decision maker, or anyone else!

This webinar will feature Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco from the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. Few can claim to know the history of AIDS more intimately than Ibáñez-Carrasco. Not only is he a longtime survivor — he’s been living with HIV for 25 years — but he has also devoted his life to researching ways to improve the lives of people with HIV. And his efforts have not gone unnoticed. In June, he received the 2010 Award of Excellence in HIV and Rehabilitation, awarded by the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR) in recognition of his contributions and leadership in the field.

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom, and will be on Monday the 23rd September between 12.00pm and 1.00pm. To join us, you can access through the online Zoom portal, or via teleconference (dial in – 647 558 0588 // Meeting ID: 871 482 455).

We look forward to seeing you there.