HSPRN Launches Call for Home and Community Care IMPACT Awards

The Health System Performance Research Network (HSPRN) has launched a call for proposals for IMPACT Awards targeted at Home and Community Care.

The purpose of the award is to serve as a focal point to bring research expertise together with input and advice from patients, clinicians, policy makers, health system administrators, knowledge users and industry decision makers to improve integrated care strategies. Directly aligned with Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, the award will support patient-oriented research projects that are Innovative, Measurable, Patient-oriented, Appropriate, Collaborative and Transformative.

The call aims to solicit proposals up to $1 million over 2.5 years that have the potential to produce measurable outcomes. One or more projects in the following priority area may be funded by this opportunity:

  • Home & Community Care with a focus on transitions between institutional and community care settings: comparative studies of the effectiveness of different models of delivery that integrate the care pathway to address medical and functional needs for patients as they transition between care settings, particularly for individuals with multiple chronic conditions and complex care needs.

For more information, please download the award guidelines.

Click here to download the submission form.

The deadline for submission of Letters of Intent (LOI) is November 13, 2015 at 5pm EST.