Patient Oriented Research in Action

Patient-oriented research

There are some excellent examples of patient engagement and patient-oriented research in action. The following presentations are just a few.


Engaging patients in setting direction for broad system change

This presentation discusses the value of engaging citizens in setting direction for broad health system change and how citizen panels can be used in the process.

Shared decision making: Why it matters to patient-oriented research?

This presentation discusses shared decision making, including the use of patient decision aids.

Working together ***NEED PDF***

This presentation discusses how to appreciate the dynamics of small-group behaviour, particularly when groups are diverse, and how to maximize the contribution of all members.

Involving patients in research priority setting (James Lind Alliance method)

This presentation recounts the experience of setting priorities for dialysis research using the James Lind Alliance approach.

Article: Setting research priorities for patients on or nearing dialysis
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2014


Wrap-up presentation from the first Masterclass.