Care in the Community and at Home Improving access to Francophone community services

Simone Dahrouge, Bruyère Research Institute, University of Ottawa
Simone Dahrouge, Bruyère Research Institute, University of Ottawa

Navigation implementation and support to optimize access to appropriate community services for Francophones living in minority situations


  • In Ontario, Francophones live as minorities within a largely Anglophone context. Language and other social characteristics of that population create barriers to accessing community-based services that help address social needs and help people to achieve health goals.


  • This project will implement and evaluate the use of a community navigator (Navigator) to help Francophones living in minority situations adequately access community services to address their health and social priorities. The Navigator, a trained peer Francophone volunteer, will use navigation resources in Ontario (Ontario211 and Champlain Health Line) to identify Francophone resources that can respond to Franco-Ontarians needs. The Navigator will also support Franco-Ontarians to overcome barriers and to best use these services. Resources offered in French will be prioritized.
  • Implementation of this Francophone Navigator model will focus on readiness to change, facilitators and barriers that impede its process. Evaluation will include assessment of the benefit of the Navigator on the experience of Franco-Ontarians accessing community services and will identify gaps in resources available in French required to meet the needs of the Francophones.

Patient engagement

  • The research team used preliminary interviews and focus groups with patients and other stakeholders to better understand barriers to primary and community health care to help shape this research program.
  • The project also has a Stakeholder Consultation Group which includes patient partners.